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I had it re-wrapped cause I didn't damage it and I wanted it restored to factory specs. If it gets all marked up in a couple of years, I'll revisit doing something different (paint??). anyways, I asked the guy who did the work (who has 12+ years of working with vinyl) what he would recommend to use on it. His answer..... nothing but soap and water!! He said that the matte vinyl is somewhat porous and and that anything you put on it will be absorbed into the vinyl and you will become a slave to whatever your using. He said that he has seen a ton of people start using a product on vinyl for awhile and when they stop applying it is when all the damage starts (cracking, fading, peeling, etc)! His recommendation would be to stick with nothing until it starts to show wear, then the Adam's VRT looked good, as well as McGuire's detail spray, but that it would be about all he would recommend for products....

His last thought was to give me the scraps that were left from the install and maybe cut several test pieces and try different products on half and nothing on the other half, put in outside and see what happens!! I might just do that!

Amazingly, I watched him work this stuff with a rubber squeegee covered in a paper towel and his fingers, some liquid spray and a heat gun... and I was actually impressed with how tough the vinyl actually is!! It takes a lot to mark it up, of course rubbing something on it when it's dirty would be the kiss of death! Ask tbirdsleeve about that!!

Hope this helps... remember I didn't say all this, the vinyl installer did....
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