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Here is your final one. Let me know if you need help linking it or anything. I also blended in a rear photo of your car so people can see you have afterburner taillights. You can simply right click on this signature, and select "save image as". Then, go to your USER CP, which can be found one of the horizontal tabs across the top of the Camaro5 page. Then, look for "edit signature". Select "browse" to search your computer for your saved signature picture, and then select "upload", and then "save signature. It should then show your signature on the screen, then select "insert picture" which actually puts it in somewhat of a text form in the text box. Now, all the text you see in the text box needs to be highlighted using your mouse (or right click near the text and select "select all", then open up a new tab on your browser so you don't loose your signature page and get the link to your build thread, which will be at the address bar at the top left of the browser. Copy that build thread link, and then go back to your signature page your tab you're working on, and make sure your text in that box is still highlighted (the text should look something like [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]), and click on the little earth looking icon with a paperclip near top of that text box, and paste your build thread web address in that small link box that pops up. Select "OK", and save your signature, and your entire signature picture should be linked to your build thread.
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