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Angry Help! Dealership put swirl marks in my paint and has refused to fix them!

Recently I had a little run in with a tire tread in the middle of the freeway that resulted in needing a new bumper, replacement clear bra, and to have the front driver side quarter panel repainted on my Camaro.

When I went to pick it up on Tuesday...
The paint work that the shop did (Allstate approved dealership body shop) was great, you could not tell from looking that the bumper and panel had been replaced/repainted.

However, the clear bra work was crap, there where large amounts of dirt/sand under the bar, and some black hair too.
On top of that under closer inspection I saw paint swirls under the new clear bra, and the after looking over the rest of my Camaro they where all over the whole car.

I talked to the body shop manager about this, he said he would get the guy they used for their clear bra to come back out, re do it, take care of the paint swirls and put me in a rental for the day it would take to get this done.

They called the guy while I was standing there, he said he could make it out on Thursday, and arrangements where made to drop my Camaro back off Thursday morning.

Thursday afternoon rolls around, no contact from the shop.
When I call them up the rep I had been dealing with could not answer as to how far along they where in the repairs and said it would be done Friday.

Every time I called on Friday, the rep was either in the shop, at lunch, at the front office at the dealership or for some reason unavailable.

So, I drive over there.
When I get there the body shop manager comes out, tells me that they removed the clear bra and that "there is nothing we can do here to make you happy, clear bras on Camaros are just too difficult, it would be better if you took your car elsewhere for the clear bra"

All this after being paid by my Insurance, he did offer to have Allstate reimburse me, and that he "had already spoken to someone at Allstate about bring reimbursed and it would not be an issue" but did not offer any details.

Then said "we are finished with all repairs on your vehicle"

I asked him if he had taken care of the swirl marks and his response was on the lines of "we applied a compound to take care of them that did not have any abrasive in it" I smelled the BS so I pressed him for details by saying "so, you just waxed it?" his reply was alot of ums and errs saying that he would have to be a chemist to tell exactly what the compound was, and that "you can't just go buffing out all the swirl marks because soon you would not have any clear coat let"

And again said that "nothing we can do here will make you happy, we think it's best if you take your vehicle elsewhere"

*Highlights for the lazy*
Body shop cashed check from insurance company, fixes damage, detailers at body shop put swirl marks in paint, clear bra guy sucks, body shop offers to fix swirl marks and clear bra, says car will be done end of day Thursday if it's dropped off in the morning, Friday afternoon body shop removes crappy clear bra, waxes car, tells me to pound sand.

I already have a call into Allstate about this, and to the GM at the dealership.
Being that this happened on Friday afternoon I'm not expecting to hear from anyone until Monday.

Is there anything else I should be doing in this situation?
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