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MRT V2.0 is what I have and I love them. You may want to purchase the X-pipe with it as a set because you can get a better deal with the 2. The reason for the x-pipe from what I read was that it will tame or mellow the sound or so-called drone at cruising. If you go the V2 route start by putting just the mufflers on and if you think it is to loud add the x-pipe if not sell the x-pipe here in the classified section. The last thing I would suggest is that once installed and you like them have the mufflers welded on. I know they are clamp on but I seemed to have the problem of the passenger side would rotate and the tips would turn up and touch the rear diffuser exit hole and would start to melt it. I paid a welding shop $25 and it moves no more.

Enjoy the car and enjoy the exhaust which ever one you get.

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