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Originally Posted by Dave Coyle View Post
One thought that comes to mind for me is, have you thought about a "hair-line-crack" in the Maggie body? If you spray starter fluid around it you may find a crack but may not be able to "see" it. I you can not find the problem you may want to take the Maggie to a shop and have it magged for cracks, the mag process will find cracks where the eye can not! Good luck, sounds like you could use it!!!!
That is my worst fear. We've breifly discussed that.

Originally Posted by HufferSS View Post
Doesn't Vengeance have a smoke machine they could use to diagnose? It not then I would suggest you find a local tech that might have one and knows how to use it.

You will track the vacuum leak down in no time.
They might. I only dealt with the tuner. And they didn't have time to fool with it. Besides, I had just paid 600.00 to try with a tune.

But, if I end up pulling the maggie and doing all the work and I still have the leak, I'll go have that test done. Maybe I should try it before hand.

Originally Posted by anthonyj9h View Post
A sticking valve or ruptured diaphragm in the booster is a common vacuum leak source.
Discussed this too. Not sure how to test it. It encased so you can't really visually do it.
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