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What should I name my car
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I just did my ADM Scoop this morning.

It was a simple process. It took a while though. I didn't have a metric wrench so I had to go to lowes to get my horn bolt off. Also, the washer and nut was painted over so it was stuck. I had to get my dremmel and cut the bolt off so I could use the provided bolt and washer/nut that came with the scoop.

It took me about 2.5 hours with the trip to lowes and extra cutting. I haven't connected my washerbottle yet. I have the Schwinn bottle, painted it, put the little nozzle fitting in, used some liquid nails, rubber gromets, and washers. It's setting, I just need some longer nuts and bolts and to decide where I will place it. The pos battery post is kind of hard to reach with a drill so I'm not sure I'll try there. I think I will go with the side of the heat shield from my K&N. I have never used my washers EVER. The tank weighs a ton, there's got to be a gallon of the stuff... O_O there's some weight saving for you.

I also duct taped up the little perforations in the scoop (overkill? probably).

Tips: make sure you have some metric ratchets for this one. When removing the washerbottle make sure you know what you're going to do to plug the stock washer motor, I undid the tube thinking it would need to be on to allow the fluid to flow. I was wrong. I had to plug it, then uses some of the tube I intend to use for the bottle to motor conection and kinked it and then put a rubberband over the kink. I still had a little puddle of fluid on my floor. Also, if you have compressed air, the little plastic shavings are everywhere and you could blow them out with that or just let the highway air do it.

next up is that heater hose relocation and the plenum insulation removal...
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