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Originally Posted by Jrichards73 View Post
My pfadts are in and I have about 500 miles on them. I HATE THEM! Yes I got the alignment. The front end sounds broken, it pops and clicks with even the slightest movement, I have an annoying vibration at speed that starts at about 50 if you drive straight long enough it goes away, until you change speed, or change lanes, god forbid turn. I used a front end service ball joint removal and press kit to get them off, the driver side was a nightmare still, but the passenger side came right off. If I broke something you would think they would have caught it during the alignment.
Pull out the bolt and nut on the cradle side and try and spin the bushing... I had a problem where the Loctite broke free (on both sides). The little .05oz tube per side was not enough to hold the bushing.

I bought a bottle of the stuff off amazon, cleaned up the bushings/arms and then used plenty of the Loctite 620, let it cure for 3 days. I haven't had a noise/problem since even after autox and road trips.

Here is the link to amazon for the Loctite:
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