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Originally Posted by Jrichards73 View Post
Awesome! I ordered the new style strut upper isolators and will order a tube of that as well and redo it all. Thanks!
Order the Loctite 638 instead. It's stronger than 620. First clean the surface of both the Pfadt bushing and the interior of the radius arm, then apply the Loctite coating both surfaces totally. Push the bush in and wipe off the excess with a tissue, then apply the locking spring. keep in a warm area and honestly I let mine sit for 3 days and never had a creak, crackle of pop out of them. I've done 4 sets so far with great results and actually just replaced the last set that went bad in my car after 30000 miles of pothole, winter salt hard cornering you name it. The salt killed them though so don't use in winter.
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