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Originally Posted by WhiteCrane View Post
Ok, everyone, I just finished washing the car with Dish Soap (twice), claying the car with Mothers Clay Bar and Mother's detailer spray. The spray needed to be buffed off by hand as it did become cloudy and cake onto the paint.

Paint was smooth, I did use the sandwich bag test. All smooth as glass. Then I used "Liquid Glass" sealant again, as my friend had excellent results with this sealant.

Think this will last me 6 months as advertised? I did NOT spray the hardened wax down with detail spray before buffing off, as there is no need. this stuff comes off easily.
I always like Liquid Glass. I liked Liquid Crystal even more years ago.
Really sounds like you not having much luck. I know my IBM color is rough to keep clean too. I'm not a detail guy but was wondering after you clay barred it using the detail spray, Did you wash it again or put the polish right over the detail spay? Some things you can layer while others you can't. Right now I have a coat of Meguiars NXT Generation Tech Wax 2.0. It's the Liquid not the paste. Finish looks great.
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