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Originally Posted by WhiteCrane View Post
Wow Junkman. So from what you're telling me, if I don't polish I will get my car covered in filth and water spots.

You've sold me.
Actually, it is the proper wax that is going to protect your paint from that. Polishing is going to remove that damage. Claying is going to setup your paint so that those water spots can't take hold and stick like glue.

I wanted to make a video of this and I probably will but here's what I did. I let it rain on my car. Then, I parked in the garage and let the water dry. I came out the next morning, pulled the car directly into the sun and wet the entire car down again. I then allowed the water to dry in direct sunlight. For the next week, I didn't wash the car. I wanted those water spots to set in stone. After one week I then washed the car. Not one water spot stuck, not even on the windows (which I had treated some time ago with the Adam's glass sealant). I have no water treatment system in my house and my water comes straight from the tap. So why didn't the water spots take hold?

It must be what I do to maintain my paint. That's the only thing that I can think of because I did everything I could to make those water spots stick. I even drove the car 3 hours south of my city and parked it in a public parking lot, right next to some sprinklers. Guess what, they came on and doused the car. By the time I got back to the car, it was covered in water spots. At the DIY car wash 10 minutes later, all of the water spots came off with no effort.

I have no special paint on my car. How does it repel water spots like that? It must be something I use. You know what I use so that's no secret. You know how I use it so that's no secret. If you do exactly as I do, one would believe that you will experience the same results that I have experienced. The decision to do so is up to you, Neo. I can only open the door. You have to walk through it.

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