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Originally Posted by benji1997 View Post
Definitely have it checked out at the dealer. But try and get video of it not working in case it works when you are at the dealer.
I am thinking of going to the dealership to get its first oil change on this Thursday. Hopefully I will be able to have them take a look at it and it won't be something unheard of for them.

I am trying to see if I can get a video of this. The problem is I never know when it decides to fade away and I can't really drive with a phone ready to go, cuz by the time I see that its fading up and go to pick up my phone and get the camera going its already faded away and I just feel it being a bit risky taking my attention off the road to record it while driving on the freeways, as that is what makes up most of my drive to work. But to sum it up in last 5 days it has happened 3 times already.

It happened on 21st when I made this thread.
On 22nd I gave it nice wash and it was sitting in garage the whole day.
On 23rd took it to go watch movie, on my way back it decides to start acting up.
On 24th I took it to my work and it seemed to be working fine at first and then it just faded away and kept coming in at random.
On 25th (Today) It did not do anything, and seemed to work properly however it was not bright enough as it used to be, which I am guessing is cuz of all the fading away. :
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