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Originally Posted by CrtRS13 View Post
the two times it happened to mine, I had my ac on, so it must have been hot out since I hardly use the ac. But I've also had the ac on the last few days since its 90 here and it hasn't happened again.
Like i said earlier, one thing I noticed last time it faded out was if the blinker was on it reappeared while the blinker stayed on. Then it would fade away when I turned the blinker off.
Also it would reappear whenever the song changed and showed on the hud, but it would just fade out again.

Oh and when it failed , it was while driving.
Yes, it was somewhat similar to what happened with mine first time. I remember the first time it happened to me, I had my hazard lights on and it stayed on till that time and the moment I turned the hazard lights off it faded away. The weather was hot with A/C turned on and I was playing Pandora on myLink and it seemed to popup randomly sometimes when I used the steering wheel controls to skip songs on pandora, and then fade back away. It was not reappearing when song ended and went on to the next by itself.
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