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Driver 1/2 works with the different key fobs and has been on many GM cars. It works like this...

Say the car is shared with your wife/husband. You carry key fob 1, they carry key fob two.

Key 1... driver drives the car listens to country music and likes the DIC to show the speed. Say you set the radio to country station and the DIC to show the digital speedometer. When you get home you shut the car off and get out.

Key 2 driver gets in the car and wants to listen to rock and show the fuel economy on the DIC so they change the station and the DIC. They stop and park the car and get out.

Key 1 driver gets back in and low and behold, its back on country music and teh speedometer on the DIC as when driver 1 got out.

The car remembers whatever you had on when you used your key. There is no "setting" for it. It just remembers.

Now if it had memory seats and digital HVAC, it would remember alot more, but it doesnt. It remembers radio setting, the DIC persona settings... etc. This is nothing new for GM cars. Its pretty cool feature.

The back up sensors and GM chicklet delete started around the 40000 VIN number. I am 32673 and don't have backup sensors (thank god) or chicklets as I took them off because they are STUPID!

The "air quality" is just a filter that filters cabin air. Probably behind the glove box or something. Very common in new cars. I am sure we all have it.
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