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To date, the tar still has not been completely removed.

My insurance company, Wawanesa, is battling with the detail guy that the paint shop hired to remove the tar from the chassis.

Initially, the detailer wanted $1000 to remove the tar.
The insurance company countered with only $200 to steam clean the undercarriage.

The steam cleaning did remove the big rocks, but did not remove the tar and the smaller rocks embedded in the tar.
The inner fender liners will be replaced.
(see pictures below)

The detailer then asked for $700 more to finish the job.
The insurance company has refused this.

Last I heard, the insurance company is only willing to pay for the removal of the tar on the suspension and wheels. Any spots on the undercarriage will not be covered (no big deal in my mind as there aren't many tar spots there anyway).

I hope to hear more this week on the tar removal.
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