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I went to my dealership yesterday, and sat down with a finance manager....

To clear up some rumors.... the 1LE is not a limited production car. They will be built to order. The only thing that "can" happen is if they run out of the wheels, vinyl wrap, transmissions, suspension parts, or anything unique to the 1LE. This would only cause a delay not a limit.

For the fun part, we built a 1LE to my liking.... 1SS, Vic Red, Dual Mode Exhaust, and it came to $36,091.00 invoice. The next step was to push the except button, and in 8-10 weeks (give or take), the 1LE would be built. Sadly, I need to wait a few more months :(

Seeing the invoice price got me thinking.... if the dual mode exhaust is proven at some point to only be a sound enhancement, and show no gains over the stock exhaust, I may just purchase a 1LE w/o it, and have an invoice price in the high 35k range. Not bad for everything this car offers.

We also took a look at my 2007 SS/SC for trade in, and in the current condition & mileage (mint condition, no winter driving, 46k) they offered me $11,100 (not bad).
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