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Originally Posted by THE EVIL TW1N View Post
no it won't. the GT500 with an aftermarket blower comparable to whatever you throw on the LS3 will push ~700 rwhp on pump gas without breaking a sweat. A blown LS3 will have trouble topping 550 rwhp and sustaining reliability. Even GT500's with their stock blower can hit the 550 rwhp range. The 5.4 S/C is a pretty serious engine. When your trying to compare a stout engine engineered for boost against an N/A engine with a blower slapped on, the comparison will get ugly.

But If your talking about a stock GT500 compared to a blown LS3, then that's different.
Agreed, that 5.4 LOVES boost. Now, I would like to see a blown LS3 with a fully forged bottom end vs. upgraded blower GT500. Hey I can dream right...
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