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Originally Posted by Crowley View Post
From Evils post, I just got that the 5.4 comes with a built engine from the factory and you can boost it much higher because of this which will result in bigger HP / TQ ..... You would have to do a lot more to the LS3 to match the HP you can make with stock internals 5.4 engine in the Gt500 ...

I think all of the above would be fact and not speculation ..

I think Evil was also not replying to the OP . he was replying to the post from HOOY that says:

"The GT500 will pale in comparison to a blown LS3... You'll love it. "

No problem. Just wanted to know what LS3 data there was. I agree that the 5.4 is a great motor. I will rephrase it since I am not trying to be negative - does anyone have factual data on how far an LS3 can be pushed yet?
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