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You can use Meguiars Swirl X Swirl Remover with a foam applicator to remove that little scratch you got on your new ride. Make sure a little elbow grease is use to remove it. And this should help you out on washing your ride.
So Here's my take and I hope it helps some of you in maintaining your ride. You would be surprised how much good you can do your car's finish just by washing it. Aside from maintaining the oil and keeping a coat of wax or sealant on the surface, routine washing is the most beneficial treatment you can give your vehicle.

Armed with two bucket's with grit guards and hose, here are the proper steps to make car washing easier:

1. If possible, work in the shade, out of direct sunlight. Elevated paint temperatures cause the wash and rinse water to evaporate too quickly, increasing the likelihood of water spotting.

2. Start by preparing a bucket with clean water and wash the wheels first with a proper wheel wash and brushes too. This prevents you from splattering cleaners, dirt and brake dust on already cleaned panels.

In addition to oily, road grime, wheels get coated with black, metallic, dust particles every time you brake. Car wash shampoos alone may not have the power to remove this baked-on combination. Many inexpensive wheel cleaners use an acid or petroleum solvent to dissolve this bonded contamination but these cleaners can stain alloy and anodized wheels. I use a item that works great and safe for your rims (P21S Wheel Cleaner).

3. Pre-rinse the entire vehicle. This quick rinse removes surface dirt and lowers the paint's temperature.
4. Now prepare another bucket with your favorite car wash shampoo. I also place a Grit Guard in the bottom of my wash bucket. (You'll be amazed at what you'll find in the bottom of the bucket after washing!)
5. Wash the vehicle from the top down. I use either The Bone , a Microfiber Wash Pad or a sheepskin wash mitt.
6. Rinse often during washing. After washing a section (i.e. door, fender, hood, etc.) rinse completely to prevent soap films from drying on the finish.
Detailing Secret #2 - After washing the entire vehicle, do a final rinse with free-flowing water (nozzle off the hose). This sheets most of the water off the vehicle. Trust me on this. I know it takes a minute to take the nozzle off the hose and do this final rinse but it will allow you to dry your vehicle in a fraction of time you would normally require.

7. Dry the vehicle like you washed it, from the top down. I do the roof first, then all the windows, the hood and trunk and finish with the sides. I use a leaf blowner to speed the process and then a waffle weave drying towel to finish it off.

Hope this helps you all out.
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