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Originally Posted by Rob@WretchedMS View Post
Sweet. I got them off as fast as that for the fronts. ONCE I discoved it would pry form the bottom. But, if I had one of those sitting there, your method looks funner.

Originally Posted by PfadtRacing View Post
This picture is extremely telling as to where the point of failure was. As you can see, the control arm material that the endlink bolts to is still captured between the endlink and the endlink nut. It's reasonable to say that in the cases presented so far the sway bar bracket is working much harder than originally intended. Had the bracket been fatigued by a loose nut, we would have expected that the area around the hole in the bracket would have elongated and then broken, instead of torn completely away. Now that we are seeing this failure on stock as well as modified cars it appears clear that for some extra insurance, a reinforcement designed to redistribute some of the load from that bracket is necessary.

After some discussion we are going to be selling a reinforcement bracket prototyped in earlier in the thread.

Initial purchase price will be 30.00 per car, which includes brackets for both control arms. As seems to be the case with everyone these days we are extremely busy with both our Corvette and Camaro product lines, but we will be able to provide these production ready support brackets in about 4 weeks.

Stay tuned for more details coming soon as manufacturing progresses.
Just remember that a lot of the damage occured after the initial failure. I wish I had found it sooner. No telling how long it was broken. It had been a few months since I had been under it. Leave it to me to find a failure that has happened to only .009% of owners.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Well that is the old school way....
I never got it out last night.

I didn't have a big enough socket or long enough bolt. I'll have to stop by Lowes on the way home from the office today. Car drives kinda funny with no trailing arms on it........

I may just rent a bushing press tool.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
There is a lot we can speculate about, but until we have the arm and ball stud in hand as well as all the details from PQ we will wait to make a complete analysis.
There are a ton of 5th Gens out there with some serious power and some extreme driving, and yet this is just now coming to light. Considering I installed them myself and there have been so few failures, I'm thinking install error is a likely contributor.
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