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Originally Posted by hognutz View Post
I know 75k is too much for me. I think deprciating will be bad on this car if they build too many in 2015.

the only thing that will save this car is limited production. as good as it performs @75k can there are cars on the market that kill it that can be had for the same money.

I am not a hater I like like the car I just think it is too much money. unless it performs even better than the PR that is out now.

if I had 75k to spend I would buy a Zr1 or GTr something that performs better and the depriciation is already out it.

then again 75k would be the very top of any budget I could rationalize and the depriciation that comes along with a car like that would be hard for me to handle. I mean my z06 I had dude paid 76,405 and then i come along 7k later and pay 46K. I lost 4k on that car when I sold it. the first owner lost 30k in two years.

I am sure I am 10k down on my Zl1 right now but not 30k ha ha.

people can tell themselvs a z28 won't deprciate but 2 years from now it will have it they produce enough volume.

and for all the LS7 hate???? I don't get that. it was one of my favorite engines in stock form I have ever owned. I really like that platfrom. heads, headers, cam this car will be rocket.
You make good points and give good examples, but there is another issue at work. A new issue.

We are at the end of a car-type production era. There is a convergence of environmental, mileage, and other government regulations conspiring to pressure building such a car out of existence. Note I did not say the performance envelope of this Z/28 will go out of existence, because it surely will not. I simply maintain this car as built will become the high-water mark for such high performance cars.

Ten or more years from now, if you want to own one of the last examples of an exclusive automotive generation. . . you will have to pay a premium to do so.
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