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Originally Posted by tzh View Post
Oh my god,she is beauty.

Originally Posted by Stewcam View Post
Good job!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by wavrun2000 View Post
Love those wheels. May be a little low for my taste but other wise one of the best on the site.
Yeah like I said...she is low but Ilike it!

Originally Posted by babigguy View Post
looks great!!!

Originally Posted by Scrapppy666 View Post
probably one of the cleanest modded cars out there right now..... that really does look sick. Can we get some better pictures of the hood?
I'll add some after this post...thanks too!

Originally Posted by mlee View Post
I went to SA last month to a Lackland graduation (friend's son) and met up with the crew at Biffs. Stayed overnight on base and it was like day one all again with all the Airmen staring at the car.

LOL I can't imagine what it's going to be like when you get back to town...
It's always been that way when I drove her yeah, I think this new look will be an attention getting for sure!

Originally Posted by khislop007 View Post
Nice! What size are the wheels?
They are TSW Donington wheels, 20 inch...I like them lots! Goes great with SIM! Thanks too!
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