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Originally Posted by Synner View Post
People say the same thing about the corvette parts. All it tells me is they don't know how to use a parts fiche or the internet, nothing about the brakes.
We know more than you would expect at this point. The rotors are C6 Vette rotors with Camaro specific hats. Seeing the car at the press debut it appears the calipers are Vette too.

The brake ABS calibration on the 1LE is tuned to the semi-square wheel and tire setup. We expect that cal to be refined for the Z/28 305/30/19. The cal for the Z/28 has to be spot on. The array of pads that can be used with the CC rotors is limited. With our OPTIMA Camaros we pad tune and under extreme breaking conditions still find ourselves in Ice Mode. We haven't found the same issue in the 1LE. That is another win for TEAM Camaro.

The next step is flashing 10/11/12 models tear 5th Gens with the 1LE ABS Cal.
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