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Originally Posted by RacnJsn95 View Post
Man I can't believe some of the premiums that you guys are paying, especially the older guys... I've never really considered insurance a big deal as I barely pay anything as it is now.

With my 99 Ram 1500 4x4, and my 94 Z/28, both full coverage, 100/300k I only pay 673 per year. I'm only 23, but I have a clean record now. I haven't had a ticket in almost 5 years (knock on wood)...

Just wait till you get married...the way I read that is that you are paying for YOUR two cars per year....not your wife's or girlfriends, brothers, or sisters.

If this is the case and both are yours, then yes...I believe it and would expect it. You can't drive both veh's at the same time. The more you drive, the higher the risk. Now, add a second person in the picture and I bet it go us dramatically. Very good rates, though. I wish ours were that low.
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