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Originally Posted by rocket403 View Post
I have a friend that built an Olds for the 1320 and I got to tell you that it is a good car for the 1320 but temperamental to the point that it annoying, Race fuel only NA big block engine, cage, spool strange axles with a manual valve 400 and all that comes with type of car. I like the idea of a more streetable car that can run a low 9 sec quarter then dive 2 hours home from the track and get 20mpg on that trip.

Not sure about in the US but 60k-70k in Canada does not build a 8 sec car
I think its more of what type of 8 second car your going after. Are you willing to use budget conscious parts or do you have to have the latest and greatest expensive crate motor and other new parts from the best of everything. Do you want the car to make 500 passes before rebuilding or 100. Do you care if its a "POS" or do you want new and shiny? Can you do most of the work yourself or do you pay for that as well? Suppose what I'm getting at is it can be done on a budget and be fast. Will it be as good or look as nice as the person who spent 75K to do so, highly doubtful. Can the budget build guys keep up with the latest and greatest absolutely. Will it be as pretty and last as long doubtful. Just check with the Road Kill guys who seem to enjoy their junk builds. Not really a fan but credit where credit is due. Again to each there own.
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