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Diode Dynamics Grill Lights

Reaching out for some more help. While Diode Dynamics has been great trying to fix my issue we are running out of ideas so I decided to try the forum as I know several of you have these kits.

I installed their multi-color grill LED kit. Great kit. Easy install. But after 3 LED strips and 2 controllers I still can't work out the gremlins. I get the solid green light which indicates a polarity issue. I flip the 4 wire connector and I get nothing. For power I used a fuse tap in the driver's side fuse box and tapped one of the 20 amp accessory fuses so the LEDs are on/off with the ignition. For the ground on the controller I cleaned up the extra mounting stud for the stock air box since it was available after switching to a RotoFab. Last night I tried the hot direct to the positive post under the hood and the ground to the ground stud on the driver's inner fender. Same issue. Solid green one way and nothing when I flip the connector. The LED strip to 4 way splitter is the only connector that could be flipped.

Anyone else run into this? Suggestions? Going to try bypassing the switch tonight but I can't believe that would cause a polarity issue but both my contact at DD and I are out of ideas. Before I try a whole new kit I am hoping someone has an "you idiot. you need too....." solution for me.
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