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Christmas Present #1

Today I installed my Billet Strut Retaining Washer and Nut Cover from LSR Performance.
This is the factory strut retaining washer and nut cover.

Here are the LSR pieces

First remove the plastic cover that covers the nut.
Then the bolt.

This is what is left after the factory pieces are removed.
There is another bolt, do not remove it.

Here are the factory pieces off the car.

Transfer the large perimiter o-ring from the old steel washer to the new billet washer.

Just slip the billet washer over the stud and torque to 52 ft/lbs.

There is an o-ring in the nut cover, apply some grease or o-ring lube and carefully insert the nut cover onto the billet washer. A small screwdriver helps guide the last of the o-ring into place. With latex or nitrile gloves on you can rotate the nut cover with your palm to seat the o-ring.

That's it, it is a very easy job and could be done in 20 minutes or so, longer if you take your time to clean the area as you go.
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