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It is all personal preferance and what sound YOU like, but.... IMO the Flowmaster AMT system is the best sounding and the cost is freakin great for a complete stainless system.

There is no need to get wrapped up in the T304 Stainless hype. T304 and T409 are both an alloy. There is no denying that T304 is a better grade of stainless than T409, T409 will last longer than you would ever need it to. T304 has 18%-20% chromium and 8%-10% nickel. The higher nickel content is what gives it the higher lustre. T409 has 10.5%-11.75% chromium and .5% nickel which is why it has the golden dull look. A magnet will not stick to T304 but will stick to T409.
Retired Navy... A Husband. A Dad. A Veteran as of 2011. 2010 2SS/RS A6 - FlowMaster CatBack - I'm not a Amsoil dealer and will never be one. I believe in its capabilities from personal use with oil analysis reports backing up my OCI's. Besides, I know more than most cut and paste Amsoil dealers which are at least 95% of them.

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