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Originally Posted by Cpanthers85 View Post
I hate to be the newb and THAT guy, but I tried using the search function and I'm not seeing my answer.

I just relocated to Pittsburgh and I have a couple action items/questions.

1) I moved from the Southwest and we had 91 gas, so when I had my Camaro (mods in sig) tuned, it was tuned for 91. I'd like to take advantage of the 93 and squeeze a few extra ponies out. I'm reading Tom Henry is legit. Do they do dyno and street tuning in house or out source it?
2) After I installed the SC, I never had the front end aligned and the tires are worn pretty badly on the inner tread from the extra weight, so I need an alignment done too.
3) Where I lived, the state inspection was just an emmisions inspection and they plugged into the OBDII and that was it. I have headers, high flow cats and a SC, but they never looked or cared as long as there was no CEL, I passed. I'm reading here the inspections are a bit more strict/comprehensive. Am I going to have issues or have to pay out of my butt to get it to pass? Can anyone recommend a place?

Should also note that this is my toy. So the <5000mi emissions exemption might apply, right? I've owned it for 5 years and it only has 14,000mi on it.

FJ & Domin8 are the main two in the area. Both good and reliable, depends on who you talk to, we all have our preference based on experience and how far you want to drive lol

And you can't be exempt the first year you live in PA if your in an emission county, if you put less then 5k on by your next sticker then you skip the test and get an exempt, unless your in Butler county or something, then you just need a nice guy "visually" passes
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