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Originally Posted by Moose View Post

First thing I noticed, is how many responses there are to the LS7 in this forum. It leads the other SEMA Camaro's by far.


It's not "overdone", (although I'd lose the black hood), and I love the larger rear wheels/tires, (they appear to be larger ), and its got the LS7.

I'd buy one, remove the 'LS7' badging, and have myself a bada@@ little "sleeper".
I guess the reason it is the most popular goes to show what this forum wants the most is power and classic looks over anything else. This LS7 concept is like the Z06 to the ZR1 is for corvette enthusiasts. However in this case the cost of buying an LS7 and getting it installed in a Camaro SS comes out cheaper than going out and buying a Z06 and it looks better because the design is fresh.
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