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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
Looking for that 32mm Solid rear bar I see.

Originally Posted by tw78911sc View Post
If I remember from my Engineering classes many decades ago, a tube is about 7/8's the torsional strength of a solid depending on material and thickness. Weight would be nice to know as well. a 35mm hollow may be about the same as a 32 solid, but much lighter. I just ordered a set of LG's. I know those and Phadt are 3 way adjustable on both ends. I know LG and Phadt are hollow.
The only way to calculate the torsional strength of a hollow bar is to know the thickness of the wall. Most hollow bars are in the .118inch thick tube range. This is due to pricing. The cost of the hollow tube material really starts to escalate as wall thickness escalates. Other tube size may max out at the .188inch range, which is a very aggressive bar, to a animal .250 range, which is usually not seen for street use. At .188 inch of wall thickness, the bar will be 30% stronger than a .118 inch tube. At .250 inch of wall thickness, the bar will be 45% stronger than a .118inch tube.

Solid to hollow aside, you will notice that the Camaro TEAM revisions to sway bars all show the rear bar larger than the front bar. This bias reduces understeer.

Understeer = slow
Oversteer = fast

What the numbers don't reflect is the change in rear bar geometry moving the mounting point from inside close to the differential to outside near the wheel. This FE4 change in geometry dramatically increased the efficiency of the rear bar. The 25mm front and 28mm rear bars on the ZL1 would require a 32mm rear bar with the original geometry.

Installing a set of 35mm front and rear bars does NOT reduce understeer. When shopping for new sway bars you want to be sure to convert your old FE2 and FE3 to the new style outboard mount rear bar to reduce understeer.
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