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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
There are very valid reasons why the "Corvette track-star" is considered to be the Z06/Z07. It takes an incredibly talented "shoe" to wring 100% (or close to it) out of a ZR1. The car IS a monster, and not for the short-of-talent in any way...shape...form. Not that a Z06 is soooo much easier to "handle"...but it's certainly easier to get near-10/10ths out of a 500 hp car, than it is a 638 hp car. As it would also be on the street...

And so would a "production LS7" ZEE vs. a ZL1...less weight, less dough, more "fun", more sense of accomplishment. And maybe...just maybe...just as quick around a track...

More smiles per mile!
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