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Originally Posted by boxmonkeyracing View Post
so throw all your parts away but keep the block.

it won't be an LS3, and if you're going to all that trouble you might as well install an lsx454.
You'll still have an LS3 but a properly built LS3 that won't fall apart under boost. Call it whatever you want for that matter, GM uses same block on all their engines uses better internals on some of them and then labels them LS3, LS7, or LSA, who cares about labels. I like Levis', because they stand the test of time, can use the same baseline and voila you have Parasuco. Know what I mean? The LS3 block and heads are the baseline, the rest is mix / match depending on what kind of power you want and confidence it won't grenade when you're at WOT.

Keep heads, and block and everything else, just replace pistons / rods, crank should be good to 800hp. But, everything else is trash.

If you want NA then there are other options, or get a 454 (if you have the scratch), but don't put any adders on it or you'll end up with a nice conversation piece in the middle of your living room.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
GM never asked US (the Z/28 guys in this thread) what version of the Camaro should be Top Dog. More import is the Top Dog Camaro was the Pedders USA Camaro, you know, what the ZL1 used for a benchmark, the car that ran as fast as a Z06 TWO years ago. Now if you thought for a split second that have been sitting idly by waiting for GM match us us on track

Dear GM,

Don't be upset with Pedders. We are using GMPP Pedders parts to go faster than the ZL1 and several versions of the Vette

As for CAFE -- Note to GM: SELL MORE VOLTS, Sonics and Cruzes. A LOT more so no one feels the impact of a ground pounding LS7 V8 in the cars we love. Maybe package them. One 600 RWHP LS7 Camaro with one Sonic and a Diesel Cruze

Who is coming to SEMA?
Finally. Right on bro'. Nobody sitting around waiting for GM to decide how they're going to make more money sucking in consumers to buy muscle that's been surpased already by some dudes in their garage. I always say; Whatever GM comes out with, the aftermarket will have something 10x better that can be put on the lowest end Camaro and still kill the top dog GM version.
Of course die hard fans most popular comeback is "what about your warranty". LOL

I can't wait to see what you guys come out with next, my installer has your products (top to bottom / front to back) on their shop SS and I can tell you "if" the ZL1 grips the road any better it might be a 1-2% improvement, and I even doubt that.

My opinion is it's always a halfway job from the manufacturer which is a mediocre baseline that can be used for improvements. And, the reason is not because GM doesn't know how to do it better (they have race teams that do this for a living), its' a balance of the budget vs the deliverable and how much they forecast sales and estimate how much they can sell the vehicle.

So, by this tiem next summer there will be a bunch of 2010 Camaro SS, LSX, SSX, TT/I, TI, and a whole slew of other labels that will smoke the ZL1, Z/28 or anything else they come out with because they'll have the most displacement, biggest air adders, and sickest suspension upgrades you can buy on the open market.

Cheers to Pedders for making awesome products.

BTW - Thanks, for the on my 427 build, can't wait, getting impatient. Couldn't drive all summer.

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