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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
...loud and clear Pete! And I especially like hearing about the part of it hitting the streets . I talked to a source yesterday about my affinity and connection with the Z-28 and he replied why not then wait for the Z-28. Understanding it was an eventuallity gives no comfort to a performance enthusiast who can obtain something now for a predictable price rather than wait on uncertainty. I can't wait much longer. At my age grabbing a sure thing is better than waiting for something intangible that will or may happen in the near or distant future. My camp reside here, I am a Z-28 guy, and my spendible income for a Chevy Z-28 depends on if, when, and how much the Z-28 comes in at as a factory produced ride. So, in the end, the fact that I may be in on the ZL1 does not preclude me from jumping ship down the road when the time is right. I'm optomistic. You're commitment to this end will be doing the groundwork for such a future project.
Ditto! OldSchool...... like a mindreader!! That "other" finish line is all too consuming to ignore.......
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