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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
I could list mods for an hour, but here's the gist of it under the hood:
TVS 2300 with 3.6 pulley & OD Cog Drive-11-11.5 lbs of boost
Kooks LTs with Green Cats, SLP X-Pipe & SLP Loud Mouth II exhaust
ALKY Control Meth
Custom grind blower Comp Cam with rods, valves & piston kit
CAI, Inc intake with plexiglass removed & Z-Force Ram inducted hood
Ported Throttle Body
Granatelli Coils & wires
ZR1 Plugs
ZR1 3 Bar Map Sensor
ZL1 Fuel pump with ADM FPCM
ID 850 Injectors
Jannetty Super Tensioner
One BAD AZZ Tuner-Ryne Cunningham, Cunningham Motorsports, and my tune is conservative,

I think that's most of it off the top of my head, won't get into suspension, drivetrain & rear as that's all been changed as well. Once I move back to NJ at the end of the month, I'll be adding Tracy's (RX Performance) Super Chiller also.
I'm on a 3.8 pulley and hitting 11 EASY, 12 in cold weather. I have a 1LE so it comes with the ZL1 fuel pump/tank and I have FIC850 injectors. Looks like your custom comp cam and meth are getting you that difference over my car. I'm looking into a driveability/DD cam with smooth idle and possibly meth. I was told I'd gain roughly 30WHP with a DD cam and re-tune.....guessing meth would double that at least but not sure why some are recommending no meth.

Awesome car man
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