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I'm not sure if I'll buy a 5th Gen. Camaro

I'm not sure I'll buy a 5th Gen. Camaro, if in order to do so, I have to sell my SS. :o

Let me preface this by saying I don't like to "brag" about my Camaro. There are many more Camaro's out there that put mine to shame. But to me, my SS is special.

I thought more about this dilemma, (selling the SS in order to get a new Camaro), after taking the SS for a ride yesterday. While sitting at a red light, with the windows down and the t-tops off, I overheard some guys sitting in the panel truck alongside me commenting on the car. At the next light, they pulled alongside and we exchanged some comments about my SS. I pulled away feeling extremely proud to be driving a Camaro.

It also made me think of all the times I see someone enjoying their 1st or 2nd Gen. Camaro, and how I think how lucky they are to own such a cool Camaro. "They don't make them like that anymore". It made me wonder if there are people out there making similar comments about the 4th Gen.?

All I know is, I drove home feeling lucky to own my SS and I enjoyed every minute of the ride. Once I got home, I treated the SS to a nice bath and some Zaino.

The 5th Gen. Camaro is going to be awesome for sure. Just don't forget to enjoy the Camaro you already own. Regardless of age, or condition, all Camaro's are special. And I'm afraid to say, mine is too special to me to sell for any reason.
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