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The 79 listed under my avatar is/was actually my dad's...It's not officially mine, but i care for it just as much. IF IT WAS MINE, I would probably never sell it for a newer version - I know he wouldn't - he's had it for 28 years +/- when he was 18 he bought it - too many memories to sell it.

I, on the other hand, have never owned a Camaro, and was going to save up for a Vette or a 1st/4th Gen (never made up my mind) when I saw the 5th gen was going into production. That's about the same time I joined this site.

The reality is, to men at least, Cars hold a very special place in our hearts - memories, event, joyrides...Camaro's are the best representation of this! If the Camaro you own was used, or you've only had it for a few years, I would not hesitate in the least to sell it for the 5th...

If you own a Muststank...hands down buy a Camaro!
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