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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Taking receipt of your first musclecar is a moment you won't ever forget...for me at least. I still remember pulling up to the dealer after they called saying another salesman was trying to sell my Z28 and I better hurry up and get there to pick it up. I was like . Who the hell does that salesman think he is??? I put down $100 to hold it for when it came in.

I got to the dealer and it was in the back lot having just come off the semi trailer with a bunch of other cars. It still had all the plastic on the doors, on the seats, etc. The factory forgot to put on the rear Z28 emblem. I signed the paperwork and they told me to come back in a few hours after it had gone through the make ready process. I came back later that day and it was next to the showroom floor in the new vehicle delivery area. Ah man, it was beautiful. I drove it off the lot trying to be as careful as possible. It was so tough not to step on it. You can guess what happened.

Since then, it's been nothing but new friendships created, car shows, SLP racedays, Super Chevy shows, pulling up the lawn chairs in the parking lots of hotels in other cities and drinking beers w/ fbody enthusiasts. It's a great group of people w/ a wonderful passion. I love it that much.

That's what Im talking about. Last year was my time going to the Dreamcruise in Detroit(who I just watched my Bulls beat)and my breath was taken away. Seeing all of these REAL MUSCLE cars rolling, styling, and just being admired. I said to my buddy, that this will be us with our models someday. I look so forward to doing that .
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