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So the car received its 3800 Event Code = Produced (Order is built and VIN# shows in the Dealer Order system on 3/27/09...but, this particular Camaro got stuck in the corner of a lot and ended up in QC for 77 days and then was delivered to the dealer after a total of 91 days on June 24, 2009. But it DID make it !!

From the QC Tracking Database on 0617/2009:
Complete VIN No. Model Member Name Order No. Event Code
Ship Method
2G1Fxxxxx01597 1SS/RS speedster NDMDXG 42 R
Last Update Date Rail Car
6/11/2009 ETTX909069

But waiting in QC had a happy ending because Mike Judge had heard about the problems of getting this car so he sent me a beautiful Lithograph. Mike is a great guy and it ended up that we used to party and hang out in the same area along the St. Lawrence River, so we corresponded a lot and we got to invite him down to Camaro 5 Fest which was a real treat.
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