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Originally Posted by jspeak32 View Post
Wow that sounds great!!

Question, has there been a recent video of the V6 revving/running? All the ones I have found are a few months old and I don't know if that is the final "sound" or not. I kinda hope that is NOT their final sound...a little too raspy I think.
There's no way I will be able to afford a SS, will be going with a 2LT. After hearing how the SS sounds I don't know if I will be totally satisfied with the LT, so I'm hoping their pitch has changed...
Can anybody lend me some info?

No not a recent one that I know of. However, the exhaust tone of the RS Camaro driven by ED Welburn during the Web unveiling sounded very close to a V8 when it drove by both times. The video is out there somewhere.
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