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Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post
282.60 not 2800.00

Didn't know that. Thanx.

Where does it say Price Isn't Final?

These guys didn't know if the MSRP right now would change so they said it would be based upon the Maroney Sticker.
Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post
OK so I caved under the pressure. My dealer seems pretty cool. I got two things in writing. MSRP and I get to keep the RS stock wheels after they put the 21s on. My concern is all of the W/As on here. He said the listed prices aren't final and using the listed prices it allready is 41k. Which is fine but I don't want it going any higher.

So how did I do?
It was in your first post... and since the announced prices have been documented for several months now, and nothing has changed, Fbodfather said all pre orders are supposed to be price protected from increases...
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