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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
[COLOR="Blue"]That's awesome lil brotha, I hope your date appreciated all the extra effort you went through to show her a good time! If you think that's powerful, try adding 200+ HP to that and you have the ZLX Everyone that's sat in the passenger seat has had the ride of their lives, I make sure of it!
Yeah she enjoyed it! Haha i let her drive back. And let me say, the lady CAN DRIVE! holy shit.. watch out nascar! She sucessfully ( in one try) flipped at 180 with the e brake and kept going like she had done it a million other times. And then continued to go on to dust a vette ('10). I asked her if she put her moves on the car to excite it like that. (She dances hip hop) I think i enjoyed the passenger seat more than the drivers seat!
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