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Originally Posted by azfan View Post
why wouldn't they use off the shelf parts, with the high performance cars they have? i don't see a lot changing other than the engine. It's still going to have 20 inch wheels. The suspension will be stiffer, but it's not like they need special parts for that. I don't see a 1Z28 and a 2Z28. I think it'll come loaded , mostly, with just a couple options.
The point is I don't think that GM will develop:suspension, brakes, tranny, engine for a Z/28. Like they did with the ZR1, CTS-V, ect.
Originally Posted by ironpeddler View Post
I thought no matter what engine is in the Z28 it was already going to be almost 2 yrs. before we see a Z28?
Nobody knows, that was my guess. GM engine R&D takes time, no more crap engines. They can't help if they get crap from parts from an outsorced company.
Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I agree with your theory...pretty solid logic!

Just a couple notes of interest:
Engine: I doubt that they'll be developing an all new engine, like you. But it's not impossible that they would modify one for this specific application, (ala L99/LS3).
Suspension: The SS is already equipped with FE3, and the magnetic ride control and driver-selectable ride control is one in the same. More than anything else, I want to see this system in the car.
Other: If Ford can get the GT500 a rating of 16/22...dang it if Chevy can't at least match that.

I really don't care what it long as the price is right, I'm just overjoyed that the Z is coming back!!
I was not for shure about the FE3 but I think it will be something stiffer and more technical than the SS. I take info from Mags with a grain of salt but they are saying the SS does not handle very well.
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