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Lightbulb The COPO of Today

Years ago, when you placed your Camaro order, you could choose from a variety of engines. It wasn't just an SS. It was the SS 350 or the SS 427 or whatever was available at the time. It was what you made it to be through the central office. It even had matching numbers and that GM warranty because GM made everything and could do the work.

There are a lot more complications today, and that is why we don't have this today. This is line we're all fed, and GM has enough on its plate not to make this a priority. Let's take a look at GM production.

There are plants committed to making engines. They build the engine, stamp a number on it, and send it to a car. There are plants committed to making cars. They build the car, paint it, stuff an engine in it, stamp a number on it, and send them to the dealership. Notice how the engine stamp has to match the car stamp for the ones that aren't crate engines.

In this process, there are issues of timing, supply, and making sure there are enough products to have extras for repairs and special orders.

Now, let's say I'm crazy for a moment. Let's say I want the LSX in my Camaro. To do it today, I have to get my L99 and my LSX, adding roughly $9k to my order. At this point, I'm at the mercy of whoever will buy my slightly used L99. Plus, my car insurance plan assumes I have the L99 in my Camaro, and the value of my car does not consider the extra value of my new engine. The numbers won't match, meaning that resale value is reduced. If someone ever totals my car, I'm taking a huge loss.

With today's technology, it is possible to place special orders. All you've really got to do is stamp a crate engine with the same VIN as the car and ship both to the dealer. Include the proper ECM and tune with the engine, and any dealer is prepared to do the install.

Imagine the possibilities. Dealers could make special edition, high-profit 427 Camaros on demand. The Yenko and Berger era could return with dealers adding fuel to the aftermarket fire.

Let's discuss our support for more options and more possibilities. I'm sure you're all with me.
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