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Originally Posted by MLL67RSSS View Post
Who said they weren't? Yes RPO Z-28 was available in '67 and 602 were built. The point was it was just and RPO code until early/mid '68 when it was decided to officially give it the Z/28 name from the RPO code and they started putting Z/28 emblems on the cars.
It was called a Z/28 from it's very first presentation to the automotive press in 1967 (October of that year I think). So it was called and named Z/28 from the day it was announced, it took a while before they decided to put emblems on them, originally in '67/'68 the wide "rally stripes" were Z/28 only, so they felt no need to put emblems on them. Eventually the stripes could be ordered on any Camaro.
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