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There are plenty of threads about 1/4 mile track times, but this thread is specific to 1/8 mile track times. The Official 1/8 Mile 2010-15 Camaro Fast List list is divided into three classes:
  1. Bone-Stock Includes completely stock car with zero performance changes. Cars must have stock exhaust, stock air intake, stock un-tuned computer (ECU/PCM), etc.
  2. Bolt-Ons *without* Internal Engine Modifications or Power Adders. Includes cars with a modified air intakes, headers, ECU/PCM-tune, aftermarket clutch, non-stock rear gears, skinny front tires, etc.
  3. Internal Engine Modifications and/or Power Adders Same requirements as above but for cars with Heads, Cam shaft, Nitrous, Turbo, Supercharger, etc.

The Rules:
  • Along with your time slip, you must post the details of your 1/8 mile pass... see the example below. (NOTE: early entries may not have this information, as it was not required until recently. If you're an early entry, please edit/update your post to include the detailed information.)

    All time slips to be directly uploaded to Camaro 5 web site and not a third party photo storage service.

    Car/Engine: 2SS/RS w/L99
    Top Thirty Class: Bolt-Ons *without* Internal Engine Modifications
    Tires used on the pass: Stock Pirelli ZR20 Summer Tires
    Performance Mods (if any): CAI, LT's, DR's etc
    R/T: .814
    60': .201
    330': 5.4490
    660': 8.2898
    660' MPH: 87.23mph
    Name/Location of the track: Northstar Dragway Sanger, Texas
    Date of pass: 9/25/2009
    Weather conditions: (include Density Altitude, if known and optional)

    [insert the image of your time slip here]

  • Be sure to post your time slips. No slip = No update to the Top Thirty list!
  • Slips must be posted in this forum. Referring to slips in other forums doesn't count.
  • Potential qualifying times require posting of an image of the entire time slip (if you need help, PM me.)
  • Track times will not be corrected for weather or track altitude.
  • Any one can submit his/her times to this thread.
  • Only one time per member will be included in a given class.
  • If two people submit times identical to the thousands of a second, the tie-breaker goes the higher mph.
  • It's a top thirty list, but the entire list can be viewed by opening the link.

    This is an good example of how to post the entire time slip.

    Name:  Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 12.09.59 PM.png
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(1) Top Thirty 1/8 Mile Fast List - Bone-Stock

Name:  1.png
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(2) Top Thirty 1/8 Mile Fast List - Bolt-Ons *without* Internal Engine Modifications

Name:  2.jpg
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(3) Top Thirty 1/8 Mile Fast List - Power Adders

Name:  3.jpg
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