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Originally Posted by Number_9 View Post
Right! I ran a few different configurations but find going with TC on and StabiliTrack on (Competitive Mode displays on the dash) are giving me better times than holding down the TC button for 7 seconds to turn it all off. Above, I was commenting on not being bogged down with the TC on.
Your running with the TC on?
That should be costing you a tenth or two. Unless you were having launching issues (wheel hop, excessive wheel spin, etc).

Did you try regular sport mode with TC off? That seems to be the fastest mode for most the L99s.

Also, how was the car tuned. Did they put in a more aggressive tranny tune for Sport Mode vs D?

Nice 1/8 mile times. And I like the idea of the thread. I have an 1/8 mile track not too far from my house.
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