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Originally Posted by tomster View Post
Had a really good time at mid ohio today. The event went pretty smooth. I felt as though there could have been more instructors. The drivers meeting could have been more informative. Seemed the people that had never driven there before didn't understand all the rules/passing points. But Once things got rolling it went really smooth.

It was nice meeting Terebit and finally seeing someone else out tracking there ZL1 like they were intended to do.
I had a blast too! We got to see it all; rain to start the day then dry/fast conditions the rest of the day. The ZL1 is awesome on the track and Mid-Ohio is perfectly suited for the capabilities of the car.

Agree, they need more instructors to get the new guys up to speed. They were only able to cover about a third of the Novice group. Fortunately, a lot of the folks running in the Novice group had some prior track experience and everyone behaved pretty well.

Enjoyed meeting tomster and his wife. I hope you didn't scare her too bad. Looking forward to the next track day!
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