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Barrett-Jackson (4 Camaro's) BEWARE- 44 Pics!!!

(First off, sorry about the amount of pictures. I tried taking pictures of things that I've heard people want to see more in depth. The lighting was low so I did the best I could with my 10 Mega pixel Cannon Camera with a low-light flash)

Hey Folks,
I finally made the trip across town out to Scottsdale, AZ where they are currently hosting the Barrett-Jackson Auto auction. They also have hundreds upon hundreds of classic and new cars from all over the world- Amazing stuff.

I felt like it was my own personal superbowl day, because to my surprise- 4 Camaro's were just sitting there as I walked up.

-LS7 Red
-Silver Ice SS/RS w/ Cyber Rally Stripes (Auctioned Car)
-Yellow V6 w/ Hockey Stripes
-Dale Jr. V8

Although the vehicles were all locked up, I was able to get a real nice in depth look at all of them from the outside. The Camaro's swept me off my feet and really looked 10x better than any picture could describe.

I was even fortunate enough to speak with John Fitzpatrick for a while and asked over a dozen questions about the Camaro. He answered as many questions as he could and offered some great insight. One of which is why we haven't seen the 'Unicorn' (CGM). Which some have already mentioned before, the plant is currently still making Impala's and will continue to. Impala's don't use Cyber Gray- Hence, we have no CGM Camaro yet.

John also did a great job in giving me confidence in GM and Chevy to produce an awesome muscle car. After talking for a while, I felt assured that everything was on target to produce one of the best cars out there. Trust me, he's just as excited to release the Camaro as we are about receiving it. If people have other questions about the Camaro that we may have discussed (because I don't remember everything), please feel free to discuss on this thread and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability. I DO NOT speak on behalf of GM or Chevy though, just rememer that!

Well folks, here ya go!!!

SILVER ICE METALLIC SS/RS w/ Cyber Gray Rally Stripes Midnight Wheels

Dale Jr

Yellow V6 RS w/ Flat Black Hockey Stripes

FYI: the exhaust tips were sent to Australia for measurements of some sort. So yes, they are missing here.

Victory Red LS7 Edition

If anyone wants the originals... just PM me your e-mail address and let me know which picture(s). The originals are 3456x2304

Hope you all like 'em! And if you haven't already, visit Scottsdale, AZ quick and get your chance to see these puppies up close. You will not be dissapointed!

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