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Originally Posted by FirstLSK View Post
We can't park anywhere in our area without taking a risk. If we take the Camaro to the store, someone has to stay in the car.


Went to Albertsons grocery store in Cleburne the past weekend just to pick up some potatoes. Wife stayed in the car. I got 15 steps from away and a pickup full of teenagers pulls up next to it.

It’s a good thing that you park out at the end of the parking lot at Walmart though. If your Walmart is anything like mine, you can rest assured that the body fat number increases exponentially the closer you get to the handicap parking spots.

P.S. -- Nothing against the biggins, they need lovin too (from some other guy), Walmart just doesn't have enough space between parking spots for their door and their butt at the same time.

this happened to my mustang $785 to fix it.
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