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nice! What caught my attention in the first place was I did a couple of forum searches for mods I wanted to do and you've done about 80% of them. I think we might think alike.

Quick question though on one of your mods. The AAC v2.0 Scanner. Does it react to music? Do you know how this works? Does it have to hook to the audio somehow? I have this awesome bass beat I generated (I make music for fun), and think it would look awesome if the sensor faded to the beat. Was wondering how this would work.

Scratch that, I have a bunch of questions for you. Hope you dont mind.

1.) The above question
2.) I'm new to the camaro scene. Is there a good place to get the RS and 2LT badges? The car Im looking at doesnt have any RS badge besides the one on the front grill and back.
3.) Where did you get your engine cover it. Its awesome!
4.) Is that a custom cupholder you have? Was it hard to install?

I plan on first getting lighting mods (foot area, interior lights, the scanner), getting RS badges, Chrome replacements, the small interior/cosmetic stuff, etc. Then definitely a CAI, followed by Exhaust system. Then all else comes after :P
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